95-year-old woman in tears as she remains virgin and single due to father’s rejection of non-Catholic suitors

In a poignant video, a 95-year-old Nigerian woman named Suzan, still single and a virgin, tearfully revealed the lifelong reason behind her unmarried status – her father’s steadfast insistence on suitors adhering strictly to the Catholic faith.

This emotional disclosure highlights the significant impact of religious beliefs on Suzan’s marital journey, underscoring the influence of her father’s stringent criteria in her life choices.

The video depicted two women – a young lady and Suzan herself. The younger woman assisted in interpreting Suzan’s sentiments, elucidating that despite numerous suitors interested in marrying Suzan, her late father persistently rejected them due to their non-adherence to the Catholic faith.

The revelation sparked discussions among viewers, prompting a cascade of reactions shared in the comments section of the post.

See some reactions below:

OhmyGoditsIJ: “‎my dad did this but trust my hubby, he quickly turned to Catholic after weeding he returned back to his church with me.”

Awesome GOD: “‎Those ladies saying marriage is not an achievement, over to u!”

jimin’s littlest pinky: “‎Marriage and kids are not the only thing that signify being successful or having lived a good life.”

TRRYOMOBA: “‎For y’all saying marriage is not an achievement, imagine you at Ur old age in Ur father’s house? God’s blessings to you mama.”

I’m_your_sunshine: “‎I am fighting this battle with my mom. My younger sister is 34yrs old, suitors have bn coming but my mom keep turning them away. It’s a nightmare.”

Wierd: “‎sometimes obey your father and mother for that is the first commandment with promise, now see the result in the mud.”

Gennypassy: “‎This woman must be very pretty when she was young… aww my birthday mate.”

SharonOfEnugu: “‎I don already dey sound it to my parents that church won’t stop me from marrying a man Iove oh.”

EMMANUEL: “‎E no go better for that E papa

Ifeomachi: “‎Chaiiii…it’s a pity. And God kept her alive up until now. Still remembers everything. It’s well.”

Watch video below;