“A Clean Slate Full of Unmerited Favor “– Actress Adeyemo Adebola Seiilat Shower Prayers On Her Fans

Adeyemo Adebola Seiilat, the acclaimed Nollywood actress, recently shared her perspective on the latter part of 2023. She utilized her Instagram page to warmly invite her fans into the new month, showcasing captivating photos of herself adorned in stunning traditional attire.

In her heartfelt message, Seiilat conveyed her excitement for the month ahead, emphasizing that she is embracing it as a fresh beginning accompanied by numerous blessings she feels undeserving of.

“I am entering the second half of 2023 with renewed vigor, like a clean slate filled with countless unearned favors! Welcome to July, my dear followers. Mummy D sends her warm wishes to all of you for a happy new month.”

Actress Seiilat Marks Her Birthday and Embraces a New Chapter

Renowned Nollywood star Seiilat, also known as Adeyemo Adebola Seilat, is commemorating her birthday while embarking on a new phase in her life. Today, she not only celebrates another year of existence but also embraces her first birthday as a mother. Since welcoming her first child in October, this day holds a profound significance for the talented Yoruba actress.

Seiilat took to Instagram to share a series of breathtaking photos, capturing her radiance and joy. In a heartfelt caption, she expressed her gratitude and acknowledged the unique nature of this year’s celebration. She proudly proclaimed her new title, embracing herself as royalty and showering herself with prayers.

“Are you all ready and alert? It’s World SEILAT’s Day. This birthday holds special meaning for me this year. I celebrate with a newfound title. May God bless you, Alake. Stay vibrant and full of life,” she wrote.