Actress Biola Bayo Plea with Fans to Celebrate and Support Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi While He’s Alive (photo)

Biola Bayo, a well-known Nollywood actress, is urging her fans to show their respect and admiration for the legendary actor Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi while he is still alive.

In celebration of the actor’s 80th birthday, Biola Bayo revealed her sincere intention of bestowing a financial gift upon the esteemed veteran actor.

Biola stressed the significance of demonstrating our gratitude and backing while Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi is in sound health, instead of waiting until he encounters illness or difficulties.

“Please note, Baba is not sick and he’s not asking for donation o. Some people asked for his details and I also think it a good time to bless him (while he’s still alive and healthy).

Happy 80th birthday to PA Tunbosun Odunsi.

I’ll be the first to send my token to him now. It’s a good time to bless Baba and appreciate God on his behalf.

You can also send him your token to tap into grace of Long life and good health just as I’ll be doing immediately after this post.

Daddy, we love you and wish you many happy returns.

Continue to age with abundant grace in Jesus mighty name”.

Biola Bayo celebrates Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi’s birthday

Biola Bayo celebrates Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi’s birthday
Earlier on, Biola Bayo had penned a note to him as he marked his birthday.

Calling him Grandpa, she rained prayers on him,

“Hurray! Daddy is 80 years old today.
Happy birthday Grandpa.
May God renew your strength, and May Grace abounds unto you.
May you continue to age gracefully in Jesus’ name. Agba yin a tun No Da’le lagbara Olorun”.