Actress Iya Gbonkan shed tears of joy as she receives over N5million from Nigerians following her cry for help (Video)

Nigerians have rallied together to offer their support to Margaret Bandele Olayinka, a beloved veteran Yoruba actress widely known as Iya Gbonkan, after she made a plea for assistance.

Following the recent coverage of her situation on Famous9ja, it was revealed that despite her extensive career in acting, she did not own a car and relied on public transportation for her daily commute.

Moved by her genuine struggles, Iya Gbonkan passionately reached out to her fans, appealing for their celebration and support while she is still alive, rather than waiting until after her passing for extravagant ceremonies. The public response to her plea has been remarkable, as numerous individuals and organizations have stepped up to offer their assistance and provide the much-needed help she rightfully deserves.

After years of dedicated acting, I find myself without a car. Every day, I rely on buses for transportation. If I were to pass away now, it would be like slaughtering a cow. I urge my fans to celebrate and support me while I am still alive. I am in need of a car.

In an encouraging update, the veteran actress has received significant financial support from Nigerians.

According to an online report, Pastor Gabriel, who viewed the video, reached out to her and personally visited her in Osogbo.

Moved by her situation, he promptly organized funding from compassionate individuals worldwide to help fulfill her dream.

As of now, over 5 million has been donated for her car and housing project.

Even Nollywood actresses Abeni Agbon and Tamotiye, who reside nearby, generously contributed N500k towards her cause.