Actress Iyabo Ojo advises Singer Davido Over His Recent Alleged Infidelity

Nollywood star Iyabo Ojo has utilized social media to deliver a strong cautionary message to Davido, in response to the circulating infidelity accusations surrounding him.

Through her official Instagram account on June 30th, 2023, Iyabo Ojo, acting as a motherly figure, provides guidance to singer Davido.

It’s worth noting that just a few days ago, Ivanna Bay from France and Anita Brown from the USA came forward, claiming that Davido fathered their children. They even shared live stream videos of their pregnancy tests.

Imparting her motherly counsel, Iyabo Ojo advises Davido to refrain from associating himself with individuals who have nothing to lose.

She further advises him to cultivate self-control, emphasizing that no woman genuinely desires to share a man with another woman.

In a lengthy post, Iyabo Ojo, speaking from a motherly perspective, shared the following message: “To the Man If you have a reputation worth protecting, I urge you to guard it diligently. Never allow yourself to be swayed and associated with someone who has nothing to lose. Such alliances rarely end well. Exercise wisdom. If you lack a level-headed person in your inner circle who can provide constructive criticism when necessary, it’s time to reevaluate your circle. Stay humble.

Now, let’s uncover a hidden secret of a woman’s heart: No woman genuinely desires to share a man, although some may tolerate it due to cultural, religious, financial, or sexual reasons. But deep down, every woman secretly longs to have a man exclusively for herself. Take note: Some women accept their fate, while others may resort to destroying everything if they cannot attain their desired outcome. Stay vigilant.

Remember, women disobeyed God, so how can men be oblivious to their impact? Women have instigated wars between warriors, kings, and even nations. So, take heed and stay informed.”