Actress Kemi Korede Pray Fervently For Seyi Edun and Adeniyi Johnson In Mecca (Watch)

Kemi Korede, a renowned actress in Nollywood, has profoundly moved Adeniyi Johnson and Seyi Edun, her fellow actors, with her sincere prayers for them.

While on her pilgrimage in Mecca, Kemi Korede offered special prayers on behalf of her colleagues, specifically mentioning Adeniyi Johnson and Seyi Edun, in hopes of receiving divine blessings for them.

To show her appreciation, Seyi Edun shared a video clip on her Instagram page, capturing the heartfelt moment when Kemi Korede fervently prayed for Seyi Edun and her twins.

“I hand you guys over to God. May God be with you, and may all your heart desires be granted unto you. May God send away anything you don’t want. May God protect the twins and may they grow in wisdom. May everything Kay your hands on prosper. May God love the things you love”, Kemi Korede can be heard praying.

Expressing gratitude, Seyi Edun appreciated her for the love.

“Amin. Thank u sis. May Allah answer our prayers”.

Recall that Actress Kemi Korede, recently posted a video where she can be seen offering a heartfelt prayer for her benefactor, MC Oluomo.

In the video, the popular actress, who shares a close friendship with the Chairman of the Lagos State Parks, included him in her prayers while in the Holy City.

Kemi earnestly prayed that no misfortune befalls her and asked for abundant blessings from God upon MC Oluomo as a gesture of gratitude for his support.

Watch the video below;