Actress Toyin Abraham get emotional as she meets her primary school mate who is selling fufu on her movie set (Video)

Actress Toyin Abraham experienced a heartwarming surprise on set when she was recognized by a former primary school classmate.

The woman, who bore a resemblance to a roadside food vendor, called out Toyin’s name and fondly recalled their last encounter, expressing her recognition and nostalgia.

Filled with joy, Toyin couldn’t help but shed tears as she held the woman’s hand and reminisced about the years that had passed since their primary school days. She shared heartwarming stories with her colleagues about this unexpected reunion.

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham, could not contain her emotions when she stumbled upon a primary school classmate on set .

The actress was moved to tears after a childhood mate, whom she had not seen in years recognized her on the set of her new movie.

The surprise reunion was a thrilling moment for Toyin as she kept on asking questions as to how the woman was able to recognize her despite several years of being apart after primary school.

It was indeed a heartwarming moment for the actress who is known for her outstanding acting skills and philanthropic gestures, as She expressed her joy at seeing her classmate again

Toyin Abraham could be seen holding her hand in delight , while describing to her colleague how long it has been since they last saw.

This emotional reunion has been received positively by Nigerians and fans of Toyin Abraham.

Watch the video below: