“After 8Month of Hard Labouring, I lost the pregnancy”–Actress Debbie Shokoya In Tears As She Opens Up On Her 8 Month Pregnancy loss (Video)

Nollywood star Debbie Shokoya, who is also recognized as Deborah Ajijolajesu Shokoya, is currently enduring a challenging phase as she sadly navigates a miscarriage.

In a poignant video posted on her Instagram, the beloved actress opened up about the painful experience of losing her pregnancy at the eight-month mark.

She disclosed that her pregnancy was widely known, and she had embarked on a journey with the hopeful expectation of returning with her baby. Regrettably, unforeseen circumstances took a heartbreaking turn, resulting in the loss of her pregnancy.

While pleading with people not to criticize her, she expressed how she had made sacrifices and endured numerous challenges for the sake of her unborn child, making the loss of the pregnancy even more heartbreaking.

Through tears, she conveyed that the journey had been incredibly difficult for her, as she had formed a strong bond with her child before experiencing the devastating loss.

“I will like to tell my story myself, that’s why I am making the video right now.

Virtually everyone was aware of Debbie Shokoya’s pregnancy, and with gratitude to God, she shared that she sadly lost her child when she was eight months pregnant.

This serves as a reminder that I decide what I want to address. If I opt not to discuss something, I won’t bring it up.

I urge you to be cautious with your words, as they hold great sensitivity. As a mother, I carried my child for eight months and made significant sacrifices. I’m fully aware of the challenges I faced. Despite traveling with the excitement of returning with my child, I believe God has His reasons, right?

The journey has been incredibly tough. I carried my child for eight months, formed a deep bond, and yet, tragically, I lost my child.

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