“Am A Rituælist, If You Wanto Get Rich Do Rituæl oo”– Zazu Crooner, Portable Finally Reveal His Secret During Interview With Nedu (Watch)

On the 12th of August, 2023, a renowned Nigerian artist known as Portable made a surprising statement, confessing his association with ritualistic practices. This disclosure has ignited a diverse array of responses on social media, evoking a mixture of emotions among the audience.

Portable’s revelation unfolded during a recent episode of the Honest Bunch Podcast, which was conducted just the previous day. In the podcast, the singer candidly delved into his involvement with rituals, and a video recording of the interview was also posted on his official Instagram profile. Should you be curious, you can view the video on his authenticated Instagram account by following the provided link.

In the wake of his disclosure and the subsequent dissemination of the interview on Instagram, a multitude of Portable’s supporters, audience, and adherents swiftly congregated in the comments area to voice their thoughts and responses regarding his statements. Undoubtedly, this revelation has sparked substantial interaction and discourse within his online circle.