“Am Deeply Sorry” – Mo-Bimpe Tender A Heart Felt Apologies To Ekiti State University

Nollywood sensation Adebimpe Oyebade, also known as Mo Bimpe, has issued a genuine apology to Ekiti State University. Being an alumna of the university and the spouse of Lateef Adedimeji, she received an invitation to grace the induction ceremony of the esteemed Theatre and Media Arts Department, which recently took place.

Unfortunately, unexpected circumstances arose, preventing the celebrated actress from attending the event. Her absence left many disappointed, and she now extends her heartfelt regrets for not being able to be present on such a significant occasion.

In her sincere apology, Mo Bimpe pledged to make it up to Ekiti State University in more meaningful ways. She expressed her deep regret for missing the induction ceremony and assured the institution that she would seek opportunities to contribute and support the Theatre and Media Arts Department in the future.

“Truly humans plan, but God is the best Planner.

I am a proud alumna of the prestigious Ekiti State University, and I am always glad when called upon, as it indicates growth and love.

I tender sincere apologies to the staff and students of the Theatre and Media Arts Department for my inevitable absence at this year’s induction ceremony, due to unforeseen circumstances.

While I crave your peaceful indulgence, I promise to make it up in better folds”.