“Am not their mate, Mo Ju Gbogbo Won Lo”– Aunty Ramota Says As She Unveils Her Real Age

Introducing Aunty Ramota, also known as Ramota Adetu, who at 42 years old continues to astonish everyone with her youthful appearance. She engages in creating humorous videos, delivering performances, and sharing jokes. Her sketches, filled with witty antics, have garnered immense popularity.

Despite her lack of height, Aunty Ramota employs her unique talents to spread joy among others. With a longstanding history in comedic performance, she has left a significant impact on the Nigerian entertainment scene. Her diminutive stature does not hinder her joyful disposition.

Her comedic prowess isn’t confined to just videos; she also brings laughter to the big screen through her movie roles. Audiences find her acting in movies particularly amusing. While details about her family remain scarce, her youthful appearance never fails to amaze people.

Aunty Ramota’s age doesn’t hinder her ability to bring laughter to others. She possesses a remarkable talent for crafting jokes and spreading happiness. During an interview, she candidly expressed her dislike for the way some people treat her unequally due to her shorter stature. Nonetheless, this doesn’t deter her in the least. Despite her petite frame and what some might consider physical imperfections, she continues to create comedy shows that evoke hearty laughter from audiences in Nigeria and beyond.