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“Am So Glad To Meet My Legendary Memtor” – Yoruba Actor Saliu Gbolagade Says as he visited his legendary mentor actor Charles Olumo Agbako at his place (Photo)

Nigerian actor, Saliu Gbolagade, couldn’t contain his excitement when he had the chance to meet and visit Baba Agbako, the renowned performer also known as Charles Olumo.

Saliu Gbolagade took to social media to share the unforgettable experience with his fans and followers, expressing sincere appreciation for the veteran actor’s significant contributions to the Nigerian film industry in a heartfelt post.

He wrote, “A visit to one of the Nollywood icon/Legend Charles Olumo popularly known as Agbako.”

For the young actor, the meeting with one of his role models and industry icons, Baba Agbako, became a pivotal moment in his career.

Baba Agbako, a veteran actor, has played a crucial role in the growth and success of the Yoruba film industry through his remarkable performances and contributions to storytelling. He commands immense respect and recognition from fellow actors, filmmakers, and audiences alike.

The social media post received an overwhelming response of love and support from fans, fellow actors, and industry colleagues.