“Am Still Alive Not Dead, I Was Caged Not To Talk Before Nio”– Mohbad Mother Speaks Reveal The Real Cause Of His Son Death Called For Justice (Watch Her Speak)

Mohbad’s mother has spoken out regarding the death of her son.

The video, shared by the popular faceless blogger Gistlover on their Instagram account, has generated significant reactions.

The woman took to the internet to clarify that she is still alive and not deceased. However, she expressed frustration, stating that she has not been given the opportunity to speak out about the actual cause of her son’s death.

She revealed her son went through a lot running from one place to another, having to change from one apartment to another just because of naira marley.

She went further revealing that she needed justice for her son.

Watch the woman speaks.

See Social Media Reaction Below;

Baby_peace28: So u de alive, and I was saying had it been the mother was alive He won’t suffer de way he did😮😮. NAWA

Kehindeadeyemifilm: Where were you since ?Welcome back….God is watching everyone.You come in d right time,Dey play .You all will soon know

Classicdrock: It’s clear that the parents are not in good terms! I won’t say the father isn’t pained about his son demise , but why saying “10years I no see mummy” when in actual lyrics it is “10years I no see money”

This woman said she went visiting and stayed 10days with his son before the unfortunate incident, looking at her it seems Mohbad is closer to her than the dad, hence the dad was just about money and property after mohbad died.

Mohbad Said in his lyrics, they call his dad and threatened his mum, which means his mum knew about all what he faced but couldn’t speak out because she is also been threatened.


Larhomzyvarieties: We all react differently to things. May we not experience the death of a child. It’s obvious he was closer to the mother than the father. She was still in shock that’s why she didn’t come out all ds while. For the father to be talking about property a day after his son’s demise, that’s a sign the papa sef get for hand! Oluwa, tete dide, ko wa ja fun mohbad!🙏🏼

Houseofphreedbodycare: Pls let stop blaming this woman she is in her sons life all thru ..remember she has left Mohbad dad ..so watever she and her son had together will not be visible to Mohbad dads dad …go back to the voice note his wife recorded he said the wife knows how to call his mum Abi

When you are poor and someone is threatening your family cos of your son there is little you can do that’s the society we are in.

I think the problem here is the stepmother having problems with Mohbad wife cos of his money and asset let’s becareful OLOWO KAN LARIN OTOSHI MEWA OTOSHI NI GBOGBO WON there is no how he can satisfy all the family members his still upcoming artist without rest of mind from his boss.