“Another Wahala” – Drama Unfolds as Dispute Arises Between Mohbad’s Family and His Wife’s Family Over Truck (Video)

A family member of the late Afrobeat singer Mohbad expressed concern about his wife, Omowunmi, buying a used pickup truck for her father-in-law. This situation appears to have raised questions or stirred discussions within the family.

A video that surfaced on social media showed an individual believed to be from Mohbad’s family criticizing the 24-year-old widow of the late singer. This video highlights the tensions and issues within the family following Mohbad’s passing.

The individual in the video expressed disappointment about the condition of a pickup truck that was gifted to Mohbad’s father, Mr. Joseph Aloba, by his daughter-in-law. This suggests there might have been issues or concerns regarding the gift and its condition within the family.

The family member insisted that as the father of a celebrity, Mr. Joseph Aloba ought to be driving a more modern vehicle rather than a used truck that does not match his status. This reveals the expectations and perceptions surrounding the family’s circumstances and the expectations of those involved.

“This is the pickup the wife came to buy for the father. But for me I can never have a father and buy this kind of truck for him; he’s supposed to be riding an exotic car,” the voice in the background stated.

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officialbobbyfredrick_: Marrying into a family that ur man is the only one successful n the bread winner is an extreme sport 😒.

julliecassie: It’s almost very clear now why the guy never spoke out. Not been loved from home makes you almost settle for any kind of bully on the street because there’s kuku no where to run to that feels safer . RIP CHAMP 🕊️🕯️.

tracybeyondthesky: Only those into Logistics business would understand this is an asset and would buy 5 luxury cars if maintained well.

callmedam: So the family prefers a car that would be liability to them rather than this lorry that is an asset which can be use for business ,lack of education is a bad thing 🤦‍♀️ 😂.

papa9ja: Stupid people everywhere!! He is so stupid! That car is expensive if you make your research and the man is a Capenter the car suit his type of business and that is exactly what he needs , it’s a business car for God sake ,do you know how much it cost to rent that car ? That car is more valuable than a Benz or any luxury car for the man’s level, if he uses it well do u know how much he would be making from it? Ungrateful human, oya show us the one your woman bought for your father! Ewu Hausa.

mummyslittlegirl___: Isn’t it what it’s called? ‘A PICK UP TRUCK’. Is it supposed to look all fancy???? It’s a truck used for carrying things. It’s even big lmao. Was she supposed to buy him a limousine for his CARPENTRY BUSINESS???

ofada_delight: What is she suppose to buy for a carpenter, that car is fucking not cheaper than 4million. For her to buy that pick up for the man it means the man has been requesting for the car from his son because of the type of his job, this car will help the father a lot as a carpenter. Or una want make she go buy benz for carpentry work..Na wa o. I fear people o.

gorgeous_rave: Na Benz you want ni 😡 if you aren’t from this kinda family you don’t know what God did for you.

demo__uk: Werey say if hin get money, hin papa go dey drive eshin nla. But yet roaming the street doing j0bless people things instead of focusing on the business that will pay him. Ashinu 🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡