“Anytime soon, I might stop acting as ‘Mummy Wa’ with Mr. Macaroni”- Mummy Wa give reason

Kemi Ikuseedun, popularly known as Mummy Wa, who portrays the onscreen wife of comedic actor Mr. Macaroni, has recently revealed her potential plan to step away from her role as ‘Mummy Wa’ alongside her onscreen husband. She shared the reason behind this decision, explaining that after four years of portraying the character, she is considering exploring a future beyond her life as ‘Mummy Wa’.

She said;

“This is the fourth year (of playing the role), and I always feel like one day, I might not be ‘mummy wa’ again. So, I am always racking my brain on other things to do”

In discussing her love life and the possibility of double dating, Mummy Wa, who was previously in a relationship with her colleague Isbae U that ended due to alleged physical abuse, expressed her perspective:

“When it comes to friendship, double dating is possible. However, in a romantic context, I don’t believe it is feasible. One person will inevitably be loved more than the other. Personally, I cannot love two people simultaneously. If I have romantic feelings for someone, my mind and thoughts will always revolve around that person. It would be extremely difficult for me to think of someone else.”

The skit-maker also shared her opinion on whether men should pay for transportation on a date, stating:

“I don’t think men should be responsible for paying a date’s transport fare. It doesn’t make sense to me. However, there are situations where men may not want to inconvenience the woman.

In those cases, they might offer to cover her fare out of chivalry or if they believe she is financially constrained and want to assist. If the woman is stranded, the guy could offer to pay for her transportation. Personally, though, I wouldn’t feel comfortable allowing a guy to pay for my transport fare on a date.”