“Arr€st me, j@il me, or k!ll me” Actress Iyabo Ojo calls out Governor Jide Sanwo Olu

Actress and entrepreneur, Iyabo Ojo, has expressed her discontent with Governor Sanwo Olu and the entire Lagos state government over a highly inflated tax bill she received.

Using her Instagram platform, Iyabo Ojo shared images of the bill and voiced her concerns, questioning the methods employed by @jidesanwoolu and @lagosstategovt in calculating such excessively high personal income taxes that are sent to her regularly.

Despite already paying various taxes for her businesses, residence, and more, the bill presented to her within a seven-day payment deadline is beyond reason. She humorously wonders if she should resort to stealing to afford such an outrageous amount. She also points out that when she previously visited the government office and provided a declaration of her earnings, there was no response, suggesting a lack of transparency.

Expressing her frustration, she questions the government on how they arrive at such exorbitant bills, as she believes they have no understanding of her actual income. She also highlights that she has managed to raise her children and support others without any assistance from the government. Despite her independent efforts, she feels the government is unreasonably demanding over 100% of what she has earned.

Iyabo Ojo acknowledges her hard work and resilience in surviving without government support, emphasizing the prevailing issues in the country. She criticizes the government’s propensity to levy excessive charges without providing any tangible benefits to the citizens. Despite the government’s threats of closure, arrest, imprisonment, or even death, she remains unafraid, as everyone will eventually face their own fate.

In conclusion, Iyabo Ojo expresses her stance that she cannot give what she does not possess, highlighting her willingness to stand up for her rights and question the unjust practices of the government.