“As A Next Of Kin, It’s My Turn Now”– Another Man Natasha declares herself current ‘mummy of Lagos’ in absence of Bobrisky

Natasha, a crossdresser from Nigeria, causes a stir on social media when she announces that Bobrisky isn’t in town and calls herself the acting mother of Lagos.

This is contained in a video captioned: “Bobrisky’s next of kin, the next mummy of Lagos.”

In the aforementioned video, the woman was heard talking about Bobrisky’s absence and said that she would be replacing Bobrisky as the mother of Lagos because she was attending a meeting and would be gone for a while.

Her statement: “As her next of kin, I’m the new acting mummy of Lagos.”

“Hey guys, good morning, good afternoon, depending on what time you’re watching this video. I’ve got great news for you, I’m sorry my mum (Bobrisky) is not in town, you all know my mum.”

“And we’re working, we’re doing everything to get her out. You guys should exercise patience. As her next of kin, I’m the new acting mummy of Lagos.”

So if you have any problems about how to join our kingdom, or you’ve joined and you don’t have your ID card, or a lot of questions, just come to me. I’m now the acting mummy of Lagos.”

She made several other sensitive statements in the said video, which has attracted attention on social media, with many individuals taking to the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

standard chinny: “he is my senior brother make una help me ooooo.”

Chreey Barbie: “Natasha you leave abuja come lagos wan be Mumuy of Lagos.”

Raphael: “Nigeria 🇳🇬 never get this one time werey ask your sister bobrisky.”

Be happy: “Father give us jr pop and take this one pls.”

lilpresh: “make una no spread this ungodly lifestyle of bobrisky all becos of content and trends.”

Christiana: “Infant everybody should know we are now in the last day according to the word of God in the Bible and this are the sings.”


realman1: “na 6 months them give Ur oga,…you na 6 years you go get.”

haddygomez: “this is the real reason they got bobrisky not you are here still risking it.”

MC Tee: “Who be this one again? E be like say Bobrisky has employ many of he/her colleagues in their brotherhood kingdom.”