“As You They Pray For Money Dey Pray Make The Money Last” – Portable Says As He Step Out With Omobewaji Shade Other Baby Mama (Watch)

Popular Nollywood actor Portable has shared an affectionate video with his first wife, Omobewaji, during their time in Ghana.

In the video, the actor and his wife, Omobewaji, were seen dressed up and stepping out together while a movie played in the background.

Fans have poured praise and prayers upon the actor for consistently displaying genuine love for his first wife and commending him for being a devoted husband, despite having multiple children with different mothers. They appreciate his gratitude towards his main wife for standing by him during challenging times.

The Post Caption: As you dey pray for money dey pray make the money last 🙏
As you dey pray make he last dey pray make you last… a close mouth is a close destiny forget hurrying your water will never float pass you Appreciate God for what you are hoping for and as you do so testimony shall follow ZAZUU IKA OF AFRICA 🌎 On God who get God no dey carry last today is another day another blessing …. we can never lose again God please I don’t want to die young don’t let them use my death 💀 promote my glory let the world celebrate me when am still alive 🙏🙏🙏
CEO DR ZEH NATION many many inspiration Kinimah Fajah flying by Air.

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Carra_96: Me and the person reading this will not d!e young 👏

Pinkbukdoptical: If its only the way you make our beautifully made Bewaji happy alone … God will continue to make you happy in all ramifications 🙏❤️Nothing can bring you down

Iambqris: At least he’s being real with himself!!!!! And not showing fake love 🤷🏽‍♂️

Samuelsolar07: You can’t pay last respect to moh bad. Nawa o, everybody will get there one day sha

Hypemanjerry: @the_headies WHY UNA do this boy like that? Portable for carry Una matter for head positively if that u gave hun that award