“Aunty Funke No Won Gree”– Excitment As Funke Akindele Announce Bringing Back Omo Ghetto The Saga On Screen For Her Fans

Funke Akindele, the talented and award-winning actress, has thrilled her fans with throwback photos from “Omo Ghetto The Saga,” and she’s also teasing the release of the movie’s second part.

The anticipation is growing as fans eagerly await the continuation of this beloved movie series. Seeing those throwback photos must have been a nostalgic treat for both Funke Akindele and her fans, bringing back fond memories of the movie’s 2020 release.

Funke Akindele recently shared throwback photos from “Omo Ghetto The Saga” and posed an intriguing question to her fans, asking if they are ready for any other part, hinting at the possibility of the movie’s 2nd part that she had previously teased. This question has undoubtedly ignited excitement and anticipation among her loyal fans, who are eagerly awaiting what’s next in store for this thrilling movie series.

“Aunty Funke Don Turn Asake GodMother”- Fans hails Funke Akindele’s for her love for Asake

Nigerians have commended Nollywood actress Funke Akindele for her fondness for the up-and-coming singer Asake.

Funke Akindele is known for her love of dancing, and Asake is just one of the many artists who have featured in her numerous dance videos. Almost all of Funke Akindele’s posts make reference to the singer’s latest single.

The box office diva celebrated the start of a new month by sharing a video of herself dancing to Asake’s “I Believe.” She also expressed a prayer for prosperity throughout her birth month.

Funke Akindele received lots of praise for her affection for Asake in the comments section of her post. According to a user named Sheedsmda, Funke is Asake’s godmother. Read more

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