Avoid us this December if you don’t have Mercedes Benz GLK – Slayqueens warn men (Video)

Three Nigerian ladies have issued a firm warning to men who may not be able to afford a Mercedes Benz GLK car, cautioning them against approaching them this December.

The GLK, a luxurious SUV, has gained significant popularity as a symbol of status in recent times. It’s perceived as an emblem of success, ambition, and refined taste among individuals.

As the festive season draws near, these women have articulated their expectations and advised men to refrain from pursuing them if they cannot fulfill their specified criteria, particularly regarding owning a Mercedes Benz GLK.

In their words, “Avoid us, if you don’t have GLK, if you cannot buy me bone straight. Avoid us if you can not ask me to send AZA”.

Watch the video below:

The Slayqueens’ statement has sparked a heated debate online. Many men came at them as they accused them of being materialistic and shallow.

Read some comments shown below:

BIG OMA🦋💫 said, “This one’s belike hiv patients 😅😅😅”.

Mom’s favorite 🫂❤️☯️ said, “See as una Belike who day blow ice 🧊😂😂😂”.

user4657440267626 said, “He be like say na u i go use do the next soap ⚰️⚰️⚰️”.

chisaalex said, “if you no fit run blood money avoid us”.

Jeff McKenzie said, “Omo I feel say na only me hear the CLK oo 💔😂😂”.

Gabbypopi said, “SEE HER STRONG FACE”.

jerrymexi said, “tomorrow now we go hear say them don use Oona not knowing say na wetin Oona prepare for Oona self”.