“AWON TEMI” Popular Film Producer Kunle Afolayan counts his blessings as he proudly displays his Children

Kunle Afolayan, a renowned actor and movie producer in Nollywood, recently brought joy to his fans by introducing his beloved children.

Using his Instagram page as a platform, the esteemed producer proudly revealed his blessings to the world. Filled with heartfelt pride, he shared captivating photographs of his four children, lovingly describing them as his own.

“Awon Temi”, he wrote in Yoruba.

Kunle Afolayan discusses his daughter, Eyiyemi’s involvement in the film Anikulapo

Kunle Afolayan recently shared his thoughts on why he chose his daughter, Eyiyemi Afolayan, to play the role of Princess Omowunmi in his latest release, Anikulapo. Last year, Famous9ja reported on this decision, and Kunle Afolayan elaborated on his casting choice in a video posted on his official Instagram account. He explained that the character required someone beautiful, and his daughter undeniably possesses that quality. Additionally, he praised Eyiyemi’s talent as a singer and natural aptitude for acting.

Eyiyemi Afolayan, Kunle Afolayan’s eldest child, made her acting debut in Anikulapo. Kunle Afolayan further expressed his satisfaction with the casting, mentioning that he did not have to pay her directly or indirectly, which added to the positive experience.

When asked about her portrayal of Princess Omowunmi in the movie, Eyiyemi shared her perspective, describing the character as naive for developing romantic notions without any explicit declaration of love from Saro. She acknowledged the character’s beauty but also pointed out her gullible nature.