“Baba Almost Cursed me”– Kamo Says As Alapini Osa chants Ifa incantations in excitement Over Money Raised For Him (Watch)

Baba Alapini Osa, a highly respected actor in the Nigerian film industry, recently expressed his joy in a video as his long-held aspiration is about to come true, all thanks to the kindness and generosity of fellow Nigerians who responded to his plea for help.

Kamo, a popular comedic actor who led the fundraising campaign for Lalude, a veteran Yoruba actor, mentioned earlier on June 16th that Alapini Osa also had a desire for a car, which prompted his fans to support him.

Following the successful purchase of a car for Lalude by Kamo and some fans, Alapini Osa approached the skit maker seeking assistance.

Kamo orchestrated a live session on Facebook with the aim of appealing for donations and raising funds for Alapini’s car.

Currently, Nigerians have successfully raised an impressive amount of N1,178,610 million for Alapini Osa’s new car. Kamo confirmed this exciting progress on Sunday.

In a written message, Kamo expressed, “Baba Alapini Appreciates You All… We have raised #1,178,610 so far. Thank you so much, and let’s continue to do more. No amount is too small or too big to support this legendary actor.”

Following this update, Kamo shared a video featuring the esteemed Thespian, where Alapini Osa conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to his fans who had generously contributed funds thus far.

Alapini, renowned for his exceptional portrayal of a herbalist in movies, appeared overjoyed in the footage, reciting IFA incantations as he expressed appreciation to his supporters. He extended his thanks not only to those who supported him but also to the fans who showed their support for other revered movie veterans such as Lalude, Pariolodo, and Iya Gbonkan.

Watch the video below;