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“Baba Look So Depressed”– Reactions As Actor Bolanle Ninalowo Share A Depressing Video Amidst Marriage Breakfast (Video)

Actor Bolanle Ninalowo recently shared a video that caught the attention of his fans and followers. In the video, he was situated in a private bar, indulging in alcoholic drinks. However, what stood out in the footage was his demeanor and expression.

Bolanle Ninalowo appeared visibly downcast and somber as he moved around in the bar. His facial expression bore the weight of what seemed to be a heavy mood. This departure from his usual vibrant and lively demeanor left many concerned and curious about the reason behind his melancholic state.

The video sparked discussions and speculations among his fans and the wider audience on social media, as they tried to decipher the underlying cause of his mood. It served as a reminder that even public figures like actors have their moments of vulnerability and introspection, which can be captured and shared, sparking both empathy and concern from their followers.

Famous9ja Recalled Bolanle Ninalowo, a Nollywood actor, has declared his separation from his wife.

The movie star said that he has now come to terms with the fact that the road is coming to an end in a lengthy statement on his Instagram page.

Even if it’s a terrible reality, it creates space and hope for a better and more rewarding future.

His beautiful and endearing children will be saddened by the reality of his marriage ending, but it is vital for a loving and tranquil future, he said.

He further noted how he prayed, nurtured, and worked tirelessly hard never to experience such for the sake of all, but now he has to accept it as he realizes that his kids are much grown with a better sense of understanding and knowledge of his pain & struggles regarding them.

This has cause the actor to be more depressed, he look dull inside the video as he works around the private bar.

Though it’s not easy for to forget something who you have spent most of his

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