Balogun Adio, Madam Saje Son Celebrates Late Baba Suwe’s son Adesola On His Birthday

Balogun Adio, the son of the esteemed veteran actress Madam Saje, recently paid a heartfelt tribute to his colleague, Adesola Omidina, who happens to be the late son of another iconic figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry, Babatunde Omidina, famously known as Baba Suwe.

In a touching gesture of admiration and camaraderie, Balogun Adio chose to celebrate Adesola Omidina’s talent and legacy. He took to his social media platform to express his admiration and respect for Adesola. Through a series of shared photos, Balogun Adio acknowledged Adesola as one of the true greats among the greats in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

This gesture not only demonstrated the bond between the younger generation of actors but also served as a reminder of the enduring legacy of their parents. Adesola Omidina, who tragically lost his father, Baba Suwe, had clearly earned the respect and recognition of his peers like Balogun Adio.

Balogun Adio’s message of encouragement, urging Adesola to continue raising the flag, reflects the spirit of unity and support that exists within the Nigerian entertainment industry. It’s a testament to the way these actors uphold their heritage and build upon the foundations laid by their legendary parents. As they carry on the torch of their parents’ contributions to Nollywood, Balogun Adio’s tribute highlights the sense of community and mutual respect that binds these talented individuals together.

Captioning the post, he wrote:

Birthday Blessings to one of the Finest Film maker @omo_omidina The Great of of the Great ♥️ More Blessings bro and keep Raising the Flag