“Beacause Of My Past Mistake and Body Counnt Everything Con Hard, Nobody Is Asking Me Out Again”– Mandy Kizz Cried Out Over Being Single With No Man Asking Her Out (Video)

Mandy Kizz recently shared on Instagram that she’s grappling with regrets over her past actions.

She expressed that similar mistakes have been made by others, yet they seem to find new partners, a situation contrasting with her own.

Struggling to secure a new boyfriend, Mandy Kizz voiced her frustration, noting that even individuals who’ve made worse mistakes than hers are still managing to find suitable partners.

She Wrote: E come be like sey na only me do mistake 😂😂😂Omo E Hard 😭😂😂😂Oga fun yin oooo😒
Deleting soon😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Opeyemiairat Wrote: Mandykiss instablog go soon help you post it naw with Werey caption 😂😂😂😂

Omoshalewa.ade Wrote: Seriously,Mandy is saying the truth.I am even tired of hearing ‘you are beautiful’ each time I step outside In my mind I will be like ‘Fine girl wey no get man since shey that one nah fine girl 😂 ‘.

Opeyemiairat wrote: You see this matter ehn person wey dey besides me go dey look me like film tori ehn 😩😩😂😂😂😂.

Eym_hub wrote: Plus him
Without him
You are still ok
So it’s your happiness that MATTERS 😍 be good 👍

Abiade0107 wrote: Fine girls should be given award for being single 😔…January till November chai😪let’s see December sha 😹🤲