“Biggest Mistake Of My Life”- Skitmaker, Erekere says as he visits the wrong house in trending clip (Watch)

Skit maker Erekere, also known as ‘Pastor Pikin,’ has shared a video of himself visiting the location where he once filmed a sketch involving a theft.

In a video clip, Erekere was seen entering the building and humorously “stealing” a toilet sink before exiting the house. He also playfully pretended to take a small dog that was eating a bone.

The clip depicted Erekere unaware that there were several guys inside the building observing his actions. After he pretended to steal the dog, one of the guys swiftly locked the gate, leaving Erekere with no means of escape.

He wrote; Big mistake 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Erekere, who has built a name for himself in many of his skits for his propensity to steal from unsuspecting people.

The Skitmaker, dressed in his typical shabby oversized blue shirt and black trousers, always approaches any where he wants to steal with confidence.

See Video Below: