“Blind date keh make I no go jam agbako”– Congratulations Pour In As Jumoke Odetola Finally Unveil The Face Of Her Man Online

Nollywood actress Jumoke Odetola remains at the center of dating rumors on social media, often hinting at potential engagements or relationships.

Recently, Jumoke expressed her desire to share details with her fans about the outcome of her blind date. Photos shared by the actress depicted her dissatisfaction with the perception conveyed during the blind date.

She appeared displeased, sporting a frown that resembled someone in the midst of a dispute or disagreement.

She Wrote: GIST GIST
Since I mentioned my bitter blind date experience. I have been getting gists from people sharing their funny, cr*zy and unbelievable experiences. (I just dey open mouth since)
Have you ever gone on a blind date before? Gist us on the experience
If you have never gone on one before, can you consider it?
#jumokeodetola #blinddate

See social media reaction below;

Adefimisola wrote: Let me goan find date first. It was you I was planning but you don break my heart. 😭😭😭😭

Iamilukan wrote: sista jummy don chop my eye 😭😭😭 since wey I don dey crush 😂😂😂

Official_eto_boy wrote: @jumokeodetola They shay don snatch you my crush from me 😢! I’ll protest ooo

Odunayotejuosho wrote: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 but my momma is cutteeeeeeeeeee like that😂😂😂😂, we are still on No gree for anybody ooo

Deboalder wrote: If it was @fatimoh.salami.33 that snapped this picture,I’m angry at her. How could she allow a stranger to burry his mouth in @jumokeodetola’s cheek? It is Jumoke oooooo😢

Onvibes28 wrote: Haven’t gone on one before I belive in love at sight 😂it might be second or third sight but at sight sha I can’t put to mind what have not seen 🥹

___wasiyah wrote: Blind date keh make I no go jam agbako, it can be funny and you might just be lucky oo we never can tell but still ah e go hard make I go blind date….🫣

See her picture below;