“Be Wise, No Marriage Is Worth Your Life”– Nollywood Actress Sola Kosoko Advice Marriage Woman In New Video

Nollywood actress Shola Kosoko shared her perspective on divorce during a discussion with her colleague Biola Bayo.

In the interview, the Yoruba actress discussed the impact of divorce on an individual’s life, noting that women in difficult situations often receive advice from multiple sources and must make their own choices.

Emphasizing the importance of a woman’s autonomy in decision-making, Shola mentioned that no marriage is worth risking one’s life, citing a well-known Yoruba proverb to drive home her point.

“I would say that advice will come from different angles and advice will vary. There is a Yoruba adage that says ‘If someone faces you, you should face them too”. It simply means you can take A advice, take B advice but when it comes to a point, you should be able to decide”.

Jide Kosoko’s daughter Shola Kosoko has been married to Abiodun Abinna for more than ten years. The couple has three children: a boy, a girl, and a girl.

In an interview with Biola Bayo regarding her views on marriage, actress Yetunde Bakare shocked many by declaring outright that she doesn’t think marriage exists.

She claims that she no longer believes in marriage because of the many experiences she has had, and not even her parents’ happy marriage can convince her to reconsider.

She declared that she believes in love and is in a serious relationship with a man, but she would not go on to discuss the experiences she has had or the possibility of marriage.

Dayo Amusa also discussed her views on marriage and what it implies, pointing out that many people have the mistaken belief that marriage will end their loneliness, which results in inflated expectations, given the huge number of divorce cases that are mounting on a daily basis.

She underlined that marriage is a huge commitment and shouldn’t be hurried into. As such, it’s not for everyone. The actor gave a sermon on the importance of loving oneself since one cannot offer to another what one does not have.

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, a relationship cleric well-known for his honest opinions on marriage and relationships, recently posted an insightful sermon regarding the role of marriage in women’s life.

He underlined in a tweet that some women incorrectly prioritize marriage over all other considerations, including their relationship with God, their personal wellbeing, and the welfare of their future offspring. He emphasized the value of finding personal fulfillment, saying that before a woman can be content in a marriage, she must first discover joy in her single life.

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