“Bye Bye 45, 46 Loading, I am so blessed”- Actress Iyabo Ojo Appreciate God ahead of her birthday

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo took to her Instagram page to celebrate the eve of her birthday.

Expressing gratitude, she thanked God for completing 45 years of her life and looked forward to the beginning of her 46th year.

In her reflection, she highlighted the lessons learned from life’s imperfections, emphasizing the importance of never giving up in any situation.

Today ends 45, and I’m looking back to all i have achieved, no losses. i will say, indeed, I’m blessed. Thank you, Lord πŸ™
I’m not perfect, but in my imperfection, i have learnt never to give up on my beliefs and to always stand and fight for what i believe in no matter the amount of backlash that may come, i have also learnt to stay focus during my storm, not allowing the noisy and distractions pull me down,
Most importantly, i have learnt that in your lowest never fall of guide, be prepared, expect the unexpected bcos your frenemies and hidden enemies will always use that moment to come for you, guide your emotions and be ready.
It’s ok to be different
It’s ok to make mistakes
It’s ok to be misunderstood
It’s ok to say sorry
It’s ok not to know it all
It’s ok to also stand your grounds
It’s ok to be bold
It’s ok to lend your voice
It only means you’re human and unique, Iyabo
I will never change anything about me or my activistism
God created me this way, and i love all of me and all of me
To all my viewers and subscribers of Iyaboojotv on youtube, i say a very big thank you …. link in my bio
To everyone who has been supportive and a blessing to me, i say thank you,
to my haters, I’m going to keep being a voice, so guide your heart against heart attack,

To all the brands i influence for, thank you for believing in me
Bye 45…… 46 loading
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