“Carbon Copy, No Need DNA”– Fans Reacts As Actor Sisi Quadri Celebrate Eid Mubarak With His Look-Alike Sons

Sisi Quadir, a well-known Yoruba actor and content creator in the comedy genre, has sparked a strong online reaction with his celebration of Eid-el-Kabir alongside his children, who are dressed in matching traditional outfits. Today, the news of Sisi Quadir’s marriage surfaced when photos featuring his children were unveiled.

The comedic actor poses joyfully with his charming children, who bear a remarkable resemblance to him. He seizes the opportunity to send warm wishes to his fans, extending greetings for a joyous Mubarak celebration. Fans and fellow colleagues were thrilled and couldn’t contain their joy as they showered the heartwarming photos with adoration. Some people were curious about the absence of Sisi Quadir’s wife in the pictures, while others playfully commented that his children would inherit his wit.

Notable celebrities like Aisha Raji, Apankufor, and Fisayomi Abebi expressed their affection by using love emojis, contributing to the positive response. One fan, in a lighthearted manner, humorously remarked, “Why does he have a stern expression as if he wants to scold the photographer on such a festive day like Sallah?”

One fan highlighted the remarkable similarity between Sisi Quadir and his second son, raising questions about the mother’s absence in the photos. Another fan expressed admiration for the lovely family and jokingly encouraged Sisi Quadir to reveal his wife and stop keeping her hidden.

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