“Celebrate with those who are succeeding” Fans applaud Sanyeri and veteran actor Ogboluke as they visit Pariolodo to celebrate his new car with him

Yoruba film legends Saliu Gbolagade, widely known as Ogboluke, and Olaniyi Afonja, also referred to as Sanyeri, have expressed deep gratitude to the Nigerian public for their generous contributions in buying a vehicle for their colleague, Pariolodo.

Just a few days ago, Reverend Gabriel Agbala, a clergyman, paid a visit to Pariolodo at his home after the actor reached out for assistance. Using his Facebook platform, the pastor made a heartfelt appeal to people worldwide, earnestly seeking financial support for the actor.

The response was truly overwhelming, as contributions poured in once people became aware of Pariolodo’s urgent need to purchase a vehicle.

In a recently circulated video, Sanyeri and Ogboluke made a heartwarming visit to Pariolodo at his residence to join in his celebration.

Overflowing with gratitude, the seasoned actors extended their blessings to the Nigerian people and Pastor Gabriel Agbala in response to their incredibly generous contributions.

Pariolodo joyfully received a 2014 Toyota Camry just days after he earnestly sought assistance.

You may recall Pariolodo from a video where he fearlessly shared his struggles alongside his two children, including an unfinished home and the urgent need for a reliable means of transportation.

The actor reached out to Nigerians for help, and Pastor Gabriel, who had previously supported actress Iya Gbonkan in acquiring a car and building her home, personally paid a visit to Pariolodo.

Together, they conducted a live video, and compassionate individuals from all corners of the world generously contributed 6 million Naira on his behalf. Along with the Toyota Camry, Pariolodo was also provided with essential provisions such as food and household items.