“Chai Betting You Do This One”– Video Goes Viral As A Man Use Over 600k Given To Him By His Boss To Buy Something To Play Virtual (Watch)

An Instagram video has gained viral attention, depicting a mature individual who spent over 600k on virtual betting.

The video captures a moment where it is mentioned that he was given 450k by someone, which he subsequently used entirely for betting. Notably, his mother was present, witnessing the unfolding events and narrating the incident.

While responsible gambling is always recommended, this particular individual seemed to disregard those guidelines, as evident from the video.

The Poster Wrote: Chai betting you do this one Oo.. He go mistakenly use people money(over 600k) play bet.

See How Netizen Reply To The Video Below;

_Might_Cash: Nah all this skit maker tell us to dey play bet and to dey risk am😂😂 Nah advert him follow 😂😂😂😂

Wale.Jaguah: Etun gba emi again😂😂😂 no be everybody betting favor sha

Vchrisgadgethub: You see dem suppose arrest all those influencers wey dey promote all this rubbish bets online if dem post am dem go off comment section Una 😂

Omobolaji_son_of_grace: Bro you go still win I once in your position, but I thank where I’m today 🥰 your pain Is your motivation, ❤️

Iamserikoovlagos: Na all this betting platform wey all this our idi@t celebrities Dey advertise oooo 😂😂😂

Aolalekan121: I have one of brother home boy use 4.5million bet and after two month later he was asked to collected money from someone 4million he used the money to play bet and bought new iPhone 14 pro max for her girlfriend, everyone was shocked even her mother 😂