“Chai! I saw shege, It was balabluuuuu”– Viral Video Of Jumoke Odedola Blind Date With Man Stir Massive Reaction As She Blame Herself

Actress Jumoke Odetola shared the outcome of her recent blind date, expressing that it turned out to be quite disappointing.

She mentioned that the experience didn’t match her expectations, describing it as “bulabalu” and acknowledging that it differed greatly from what she had anticipated.

Despite warnings from some of her fans to avoid going on the date, she admitted her mistake and asked for their opinions on whether she should consider going on another blind date in the future.

She wrote: …and some of you warned me MAKE I NO GREE FOR ANYBODY Oooo, na me wey gree fvck up.

Is the idea of a blind date good or not? Can I still consider it some other time or I should never try it again?

Olatundepraise123 wrote: Don’t try it again momma, no gree for anybody on my way to show the guy shege who does that to a queen

Odunayotejuosho wrote: Our plan be say make you no gree for anybody Enh😂😂😂, e reach my mama turn now she don go gree 😂😂 Why you sef go gree nau😂😂, wetin the guy do you sef, Shey na song he sing? because I wan go beat am up. No try am again ooo😂😂😂😂😂

Offocial_hafeholuwarachy wrote: But wait oooo who be the person wey fuck up😂😂😂😂😂 we go gather there now show him shege 😂🚶

Brandonpepenazi Wrote: Who never fuck up hands in the air . No hand in Black Sherrif voice . 😂😂😂

_ade_rinre wrote: I will say blind date is a 2 way thing, although I have not been to one but from people’s experiences on social media. It is a 50/50 thing, but it is advisable to keep your mind opened when going for one, that it might go well or not.

Woli_divine_ekiti_sirtommy wrote: Keep on trying ma @jumokeodetola 👏 God always reward people that never give up trying, he will bless you with a very kind man with God heart ♥️ soon

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