“Chai Why Did I Do This To Myself 250k Gone”– Jide Awobona Unhappy As He Lost Best Male Dress At Blacksmith Alagbede Movie Premiere (Video)

Nollywood actor Jide Awobona expressed his gratitude on his Instagram page towards the producer and organizers of the movie premiere “Blacksmith.”

However, the actor conveyed his disappointment at having left the premiere early and subsequently being awarded the prize for the best-dressed male, resulting in the loss of the cash prize amounting to 250k.

He wrote: Definitely! Just because being careful doesn’t always lead to winning, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It’s all part of learning and getting better.
Last night happened to be one of the nights I didn’t want to be on the road driving at 1 am, So, I lost 250k as the best dressed Male .
My major take home; glad I made it to the premiere, glad to be alive to witness another greatness from NOLLYWOOD by @jayeola_monje welldone ma, ata Jere lagbara Olorun 🙏🏾glad to see this movie cause it gave me 100% confidence to sell it to you all that it’s a great movie you must all see, and also I won the BEST MALE DRESS without winning the cash😀😀😀
Kudos to my friend, the director, you made a master piece
@blackpride22 Congratulations ore, this is just the beginning .
Also , @gabbylucciii @femiadebayosalami @_kehindebankole  @bimbooshin  and others , thank you for the beautiful and outstanding performance 🙏🏾

Thank you Teslim for capturing this moment @honeytslim  @nollywoodcitadel

Netizens react to how he miss the cash prize

Nollywoodcitadel wrote You showed with STEEZE and showed out 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Bamrose68 wrote: Your outfit was really indeed superb, the car too complement it. I saw it and I was like waoo. This will win best male dress if there has to be a prize for it. The dress fit you pa.🔥

Lara wrote: IRAWO 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 A.J 😍

Aduuke_ade wrote: A winner is always a winner ,they should have announced you still instead of picking a replacement…

Thetoluadepoju wrote: My sweet and humble bro jide😍❤️you k!ll@d it no cap🔥❤️you’re a winner

Blackpride wrote: Thank you and God bless Ore mi @jideawobona and Amen to your Prayers. Our hustle must pay baba mi 🔥🔥🔥