Check out the list of celebrities that reacts to Actress Debbie Shokoya 8month pregnancy lost (Video)

Prominent figures in the Yoruba entertainment sector have united to offer their backing and convey heartfelt sympathies to actress Debbie Shokoya, who tragically experienced a miscarriage in her eighth month of pregnancy.

Noteworthy personalities such as Dayo Amusa, Aisha Lawal, Liz Da Silva, and several others have also joined in expressing their condolences and offering comforting words.

Dayo Amusa shared her own grief and extended prayers for Debbie Shokoya’s strength and eventual healing.

She wrote ” No words can heal the pain in your heart, no wounds can be as deep as what you are feeling. I pray time will help you to deal and heal through this moment. Very sorry to hear about your loss!”

Aisha Lawal also shared her heartfelt message, sending love and strength to Debbie Shokoya. She wrote, ” DEBBY @debbie_shokoya I THANK GOD FOR YOUR LIFE AND I PRAY VERY VERY SOON YOUR TESTIMONY WILL COME, IT IS WELL WITH YOU… ”

Liz Da Silva also sent her condolences to Debbie Shokoya and her family. She wrote,” My strong Baby ,Ajijolaoluwa mi You are stronger than you can ever imagine, you are a mother and I can’t wait for the surprise God is bringing soon With joy and happiness in long life will you fulfill all your desires my love ,It will surely end in praise Sending you soo much love ”

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