Check Out The Reply Actress Laide Bakare Gave A Rich Billionaire Man Who Asked For Hand Of Her 14years Old Daughter In Marriage

Recently, on her Instagram post, Yoruba movie actress, Laide Bakare, addressed a fan’s comment regarding paying her 14-year-old daughter’s bride price.

In a direct and straightforward manner, she informed the fan that her daughter is still only 14 years old and advised him to wait until she is older before discussing such matters.

In the statement made by the fan on her Instagram page, he said, “How much is your bride price? I’m coming to pay as soon as possible.” The actress was quick to react by saying, “She’s just 14 years old, wait, don’t come yet.”

The actress has earned a significant following on social media due to her talent, which has contributed to her rising fame and popularity among her fans.

Actress Laide Bakare Reveal His Book On How To Be Successful In 6Month Is 80% Complete.

Laide Bakare, a renowned Nigerian actress and self-proclaimed entrepreneur, has recently unveiled a fascinating revelation regarding her upcoming book titled “How to Achieve Wealth in 6 Months.”

About a year ago, the actress had announced her intention to launch a book that would unlock the secrets to attaining quick riches within just six months.

In an exciting update, Laide Bakare shared a cheerful video of herself, exuding happiness as she disclosed that the highly anticipated book is now 80% complete. She eagerly promised to provide readers with invaluable insights and effective strategies for achieving financial success

See his post below;