“Chioma His Wife had Abortions before they had a son” Anita Brown Reveal a revelation

Anita Brown, an entrepreneur based in the United States, has caused a stir on social media with her shocking disclosure about Chioma, the wife of Nigerian singer Davido. Through a series of rants, Anita Brown claimed that Davido pressured Chioma into undergoing multiple abortions before they had their son, Ifeanyi, who has tragically passed away.

In response to those who criticized her for being an OnlyFans star, she reminded them that their beloved singer had engaged in sexual activities with her just a few weeks ago and seemed to enjoy it. She urged Davido’s fans to inquire about her experiences, asserting that her relationship with Davido was never a secret. According to her, their affair was public, and the singer actively pursued her.

Anita Brown pledged to grant interviews to reveal more details about Davido’s unfaithfulness. She alleged that he habitually coerced women into having abortions for him and then shifted the blame onto his deceased child.

“Stop underestimating me. I will start accepting these interview requests that I’ve been receiving! That’s my next step! Let’s discuss the extent of this man’s womanizing ways. He impregnates all these different women, pressures them into having abortions, and then attributes it to his deceased child.”

“I can understand why he favors abortion since his wife had several before they finally had a son. They’re truly wicked individuals. From the moment I knew you, women have been calling you about babies and abortions. Disgusting! I could never!”

“You’re posting OnlyFans content from years ago where my intimate areas didn’t look too bad. Your face was in those videos. Next time you kiss your significant other, ask them how I taste. Both my intimate area and anus. Oh, damn. It’s amazing how they insult you with the same mouth they use to kiss your behind.”