Comgratulations Pour As Former Big Brother Naija Stars Teddy A and BamBam Celebrate Their 5th Wedding Anniversary (Video)

To celebrate their anniversary, Teddy A and BamBam, a beloved couple that emerged from the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) reality show, decided to share their joy and love with their fans on social media. Teddy A, whose real name is Tope Adenibuyan, took to his social media accounts to mark this special occasion.

In a heartwarming gesture, Teddy A posted a series of loved-up videos featuring himself and BamBam, whose real name is Oluwabamike Olawunmi. These videos showcased the couple’s journey together, from their time in the BBNaija house to their life beyond the reality show. The clips captured their memorable moments, including their laughter, adventures, and heartfelt expressions of affection for each other. Teddy A’s choice to share these personal moments with their fans allowed them to feel even closer to the couple and be part of their celebration.

Teddy A and BamBam’s love story has been a captivating one for their fans since their time in the BBNaija house. They met and fell in love during the reality show’s 2018 edition, and their relationship has only grown stronger since then. The couple has been consistently open about their journey, sharing their ups and downs, making them relatable and endearing to their followers.

See some reactions below:

jen___nifer____: “I go love ooh…. Tall men are the best, not these short peanut with anger issues.”

busola_idowu: “5 years don waka we still carry, nobody waka nobody go solo. They thought it wont last but we still here. Happy Anniversary beautiful people. Endless love I wish y’all.”

moladeofficial_: “Happy Anniversary to you guys. May God protect your family and may your love continue to wax stronger in Jesus name.”

jagsman200044: “Congratulations….May our good Lord continue to keep you together in Peace, Joy & Happiness….Amen.”

datgal_sarah: “Happy anniversary Bamteddy. I thought you guys got married in 2019 and had Zendaya in 2020?”

Watch the video below: