Congratulations are in order as Pastor Agbala Gabriel completes veteran actor Suebebe’s house in less than 2 months (Watch)

Celebrations and jubilation abound following Pastor Agbala Gabriel’s announcement that Dayo Adewunmi, the legendary actor famously known as Baba Sule Suebebe, has successfully completed the construction of his residence.

Pastor Gabriel, renowned for his philanthropic efforts and unwavering support for artists and underprivileged individuals in Nigeria, has once more captured headlines with this remarkable accomplishment.

It’s worth recalling that a few weeks ago, Pastor Agbala Gabriel disclosed the impressive achievement of raising a substantial sum of 10 million naira for the actor, marking the commencement of his mansion’s construction.

The man of God revealed today on his social media pages that he finished the legendary actor’s home in less than two months.

Sharing video of the houses, he wrote, ” BABA SUEBEBE HOUSE IS READY, WE WILL OPEN IT TODAY
MUIDEEN WILL OFFICIALLY BECOME A LANDLORD TODAY, WE ARE OPENING HIS HOUSE TODAY…We are also bringing Banuso today for the completion of His house
Choose one out of MUIDEEN’S house or BABA SUEBEBE’S house, which of the above will you go for?

The news of Suebebe’s newly constructed house has elicited a flood of congratulatory messages and expressions of admiration from fans, colleagues, and well-wishers.

Watch the video below: