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Congratulations are pouring in as Pastor Gabriel Agbala raises more than 6 million naira for Veteran actor Sue Bebe

Pastor Agbala Gabriel, a renowned philanthropist, has garnered widespread admiration through his compassionate act. He successfully amassed an impressive sum of 6 million Naira to support veteran actor Sule Suebebe, who has been facing health challenges.

The funds were raised with the aim of providing the actor with the necessary medical care and assistance. Recently, Sule Suebebe made a heartfelt plea to the public, sharing his aspirations of owning a house and a car, while also highlighting the obstacles hindering him from achieving them.

In his own words, he expressed, “Throughout my acting career, I have never been able to own a house or a car. I rely on riding a motorcycle (okada) every time I need to reach my destination. I appeal to the kind-hearted Nigerians to show me mercy and help me fulfill my dream of having my own house and car.”

Upon being informed of Sule Suebebe’s challenging circumstances, Pastor Agbala Gabriel promptly took action to address the plea for assistance.

In a recent update, the compassionate pastor personally visited Sule Suebebe at his residence and successfully raised a significant sum of 6 million Naira to provide support. Pastor Agbala Gabriel revealed that efforts were made to transport the actor to the hospital for medical treatment but were unfortunately met with refusal.

Consequently, the pastor has made the decision to bring Sule Suebebe to his church in Ibadan, where the congregation will come together in prayer, seeking his well-being and recovery.