Congratulations pour as chess master, Tunde Onakoya bags endorsement with Nord, gets brand new SUV car

Chess master Tunde Onakoya has been named the latest global ambassador for the Nigerian automobile company, Nord Notion.

Following his recent attempt at a Guinness World Record in the UK, the chess champion received a brand new SUV from Nord Notion Company as part of his ambassadorial deal.

According to Tunde Onakoya, the CEO invited him and jokingly offered to give him an SUV if he could beat him in a chess game.

As expected, Onakoya won the game, securing a car of his choice and a deal as the automobile company’s global ambassador.

Announcing on X, he wrote;

“Just before I traveled to America, I called my dad and gave him my only car. he had sold his taxi 13 years ago so I could pay for my WAEC and JAMB examination fees. The joy on his face brought tears- it was the least I could do for my parents who sacrificed everything so I could get an Education.
It wasn’t clear how I was going to get a new car without spending a fortune but i had faith.

“Yesterday, I got a call from @OluwatobiAjayiJ, the CEO of @nordmotion, inviting me to his office for a chat and a chess match. During our conversation, he proposed an outrageous deal: if I could beat him, I could choose any car in their showroom for free. Knowing he was a strong chess player from our previous game analyses(Although we had never played before), I accepted the challenge. After about an hour of intense play, I managed to win from a very complex position.

“This all still feels surreal, but I’m thrilled to announce that I am now a global brand ambassador for @nordmotion motors and the proud owner of a NORD A7 suv built and assembled in Nigeria.

“Life really isn’t scripted, and I’m super grateful to be able to use my gift to inspire the world and affect lives positively. This has inadvertently brought a lot of goodness my way too and this love is one I’ll never take for granted.”