Congratulations Pour As Destiny Kids’ star, Rejoice Iwueze and husband welcome first child

Congratulations are in order for Destiny Kids’ star, Rejoice Iwueze, as she embarks on a new and joyous chapter of her life with the arrival of her first child. The talented gospel singer took to her Instagram page to share the heartwarming news, and the online community is abuzz with congratulatory messages.

In a delightful Instagram post, Rejoice Iwueze not only announced the birth of her child but also shared the precious moments from her maternity photoshoot. The images radiate happiness and anticipation, capturing the essence of this remarkable journey into parenthood.

For fans and well-wishers, this news marks a significant milestone in Rejoice’s life. Her time as a member of the beloved Destiny Kids group endeared her to many, and now, she and her husband have transitioned from a loving couple to doting parents.

The outpouring of congratulatory messages reflects the love and support Rejoice has garnered throughout her career and personal life. Her voice has touched the hearts of many, and now she embarks on a new adventure, spreading the joy of parenthood.

As Rejoice Iwueze and her husband embrace this exciting new chapter, the world eagerly awaits more glimpses of their growing family and continues to send warm wishes for health, happiness, and love in this beautiful journey of parenthood.

Welcoming her new bundle of joy into the world, Destiny asserted that God cannot be trusted. The new mum didn’t, however, disclose the sex of her child.

“Leveled up from just being a couple to being parents…

God can be trusted.

Welcome to the new level baby”.