Congratulations pour as Olukotan Alan, actress Olaide Oyedeji’s estranged husband acquires a Mercedes Benz

Actor Olukotan Alan, the former spouse of renowned actress Olaide Oyedeji, caused a stir of excitement and received a flood of congratulatory messages from both fellow actors and fans after acquiring a luxurious Mercedes Benz.

Expressing his enthusiasm on social media, Olukotan eagerly shared the delightful news.

His post read, “When life brings you down and makes you feel trapped in a diabolical situation, remember that God won’t personally descend from heaven to rescue you. It’s up to you to take control of your destiny and address the challenges hindering your progress. For any issues affecting your life’s advancement, reach out to us today at @feranmi_spiritual_empire. Trust me, Olorun is watching, and people can make a difference.”

In another post, he uploaded a video of himself visiting Feranmi Spiritual to express his gratitude.

He caption the video with, ” When life brings you down and make you feel like you are under some devilish binding, remember God won’t come down from heaven for save you , owo ara e ni ni a fi un tun Ara e ni se, for all issues affecting your life progress contact Us today @feranmi_spiritual_empire Oshisheku danudanu believe me Olorun lo wanbe eyan ko”

The news of Tunde’s new acquisition has generated an outpouring of congratulations from friends, colleagues, and fans alike.

See his post below: