Congratulations Pour In As Actor Ibrahim Yekini Wife Bags Best Make-Up Artist Of The Year (photo)

The Nigerian entertainment industry was buzzing with excitement as Aminat Omowunmi, the talented spouse of well-known actor Ibrahim Yekini, also known as Itele D Icon, was honored with the prestigious “Best Make-Up Artist of the Year” award at the Emperor Awards.

This star-studded event took place in a glamorous venue in Ikeja, Lagos, bringing together industry insiders and fans to celebrate the creative minds behind the magic of the screen. It was a night of recognition and appreciation for artists like Aminat, who contribute their skills to enhance the beauty and allure of the entertainment world.

In a viral video, Aminat Omowunmi, renowned for her exceptional abilities in transforming actors into their on-screen characters, was seen gracefully walking to the stage amid cheers and applause. Dressed in an elegant gown,

she humbly accepted the award, expressing gratitude for the recognition of her outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry. The audience celebrated her talent and dedication in the field of make-up artistry, making it a truly memorable and joyous moment during the Emperor Awards ceremony.