Congratulations Pour In As Actress Jumoke Odetola Acquired New Building Worth Over 500Million (Watch)

Jumoke Odetola has been inundated with congratulations on her Instagram page after posting a video of her newly acquired house.

In the video, she extends congratulations to the latest homeowners and mentions the company, ZylusHomes, responsible for delivering the building.

While she doesn’t explicitly confirm ownership, her fans have been showering her with congratulations on becoming the latest landlady.

It’s may be her new home and a big congratulations from all of us at Famous9ja Team

She Wrote: Congratulations to the latest landlords 🎉
@zylushomes Dey deliver📌

See how Netizen reacted to the video of her new house below;

Drekay_king wrote: Congratulations to the latest landlords @jumokeodetola I’m getting one soon 😍

Luxe_wallmart wrote: Congratulations to the latest landlords😍

Modupeola376 wrote: Congratulations to the latest landlords

Woli_divine_ekiti_crew wrote: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Congratulations 🎊 ❤️ Favorite 🤩

Obas_art_wrok wrote: Please I need a reply from @jeyten_productions @jumokeodetola

See the full video of the house below;

Famous9ja recall that Nollywood Actress Jumoke Otedola, in a candid and relatable moment, shared her journey of hard work, humorously mentioning the apparent weight loss she’s experienced due to her dedicated efforts.

With a touch of lightheartedness, she sought approval from her audience to indulge in a small meal, expressing a desire to replenish herself.

Her endearing appeal resonated with many, showcasing her authenticity and playful demeanor amid her committed work ethic in the entertainment industry.