Congratulations Pour In As Comedian Erekere Bought A Multi-millionaire Benz (Video)

In the midst of a flourishing career in the comedy industry, Olalekan Adeyemi, popularly known as Erekere, the Nigerian skit maker, has achieved a remarkable accomplishment by acquiring a Mercedes Benz.

Erekere has swiftly ascended to stardom as an exceptionally gifted online content creator and comedian in Nigeria, captivating comedy enthusiasts with his unique and hilarious style.

The thrilling occasion of the Nigerian comedian, accompanied by his newly purchased Mercedes Benz, was shared on Instagram by a fellow colleague, Salo, who is also known as funnyhorje.

Erekere’s comedic acts center around the depiction of a crafty thief who slyly steals from unsuspecting victims, leaving them astonished and bewildered. He is fondly called “Okeremecheichei alokolohun kígbe,” which translates to “One who makes the owner scream for help after he has left.” Erekere’s exceptional talent in the realm of comedy has been captivating audiences all across the country, endearing him to their hearts.

Watch video below;

Congratulation messages poured in for Erekere as commenters took to social media. Some reactions are shown below:

Chigazum Lucky Onunyere said, “Congrats bro”.

Oluwasegun Jimisola said, “Congratulations to him oo”.

Adeshina Bamidele Tobi Joseph said, “Congratulations 💕💕💕”.

Abdullateef Abdul said, “Congrats erekere on your new ride”.

Akinwole Bosede Success said, “Congratulations!!!I dey come Lagos to start my own skit ooo”.