Congratulations Pour In As Kenyan Chef Maliha Breaks Hilda Baci’s Guinness world Record For Longest Cooking Marathon (Video)

In just under two months, Hilda Baci’s accomplishment of securing a Guinness World Record for the longest cooking session (clocking in at 93 hours and 11 minutes) has been overtaken by a Kenyan chef.

Embarking on her cooking marathon on August 11th, Chef Maliha Mohammed has unofficially set a new benchmark by cooking tirelessly for an uninterrupted span of 95 hours.

On Tuesday, Maliha shared her achievement through an Instagram post, featuring a unique flyer boldly declaring, “NEW WORLD RECORD”.

She wrote; “@seagasltd Yes, we did it! New world record holder for the longest home kitchen cooking marathon in town 😎😎 Shukran for the support 💯”

Recall that Chef Hilda Baci who hails from Nigeria enters the Guinness Book of Records after cooking for 93 hours 11 minutes as a single individual.

See the post by Chef Kenyan Chef Maluha below;

Videos spread across the internet, showing her supporters bursting into cheers and applause with a sense of excitement as they gathered around her right after she turned off the gas.

Watch the video below: