Congratulations Pour In As Nigerian man surprise Veteran actor Otolo with a plot of land after Pastor Gabriel raised a sum of N5million Naira for him

After receiving sincere support from kind-hearted Nigerians and supporters, veteran actor Mustapha Bakare, affectionately referred to as Otolo, has taken a substantial step forward in realizing his dream of having a place to call his own.

Notably, Otolo recently utilized social media to passionately appeal to his fellow Nigerians for help in making his aspiration of becoming a proud homeowner come true.

Significantly, Pastor Agbala Gabriel, deeply moved by Otolo’s plea, has stepped forward as a guiding light, actively involved in turning this dream into a concrete reality.

Paying a direct visit to Otolo’s present home, which happens to be his father’s house, Pastor Agbala Gabriel initiated a campaign to gather funds on behalf of the actor. The outcome of his endeavors yielded a significant amount of 4 million Naira, showcasing the strength of communal support and empathy.

In a recent development, the actor personally met with Pastor Gabriel at his church. During a live video session, Pastor Gabriel presented Baba Otolo with an extra 1 million Naira along with an entire plot of land in the Ikorodu region of Lagos State.