Congratulations Pour In As Nollywood Actor Ninalowo Bolanle Upload Video Of First Daughter In US Army Uniform

Ninalowo Bolanle, a highly acclaimed actor and filmmaker known as Nino B, recently brought joy to his followers by sharing a heartwarming video on his official Instagram page. The video featured his daughter, Aliyah Ninalowo, who proudly serves in the US Army, alongside one of her colleagues. This delightful clip served as undeniable proof of Aliyah’s active involvement in the military. In the footage, Aliyah and her colleague were captured happily dancing to a hip-hop song.

In a light-hearted manner, Ninalowo humorously questioned his daughter’s actions and playfully pondered what her colleague might be thinking. It appeared that Aliyah’s dance moves were a tad too intricate for her companion to grasp, as they struggled to keep up with her impressive rhythm and fluidity.

His caption reads, “Why is Aliyah like this, and what is the boy singing or even thinking”.

The video ignited a wave of responses from fans and celebrities alike on various online platforms, as they showered Aliyah and her colleague with affection. Captivated by their charisma, admirers and supporters filled the comments section with genuine and heartfelt compliments.

See is most below;