“Daddy wa no want make dem chop him work buh u Dey freaky freaky” – Mr Macaroni Fights Ninalowo Shed Real Tears in Video (Watch)

Highly acclaimed Nollywood actors Bolanle Ninalowo and Charles Okocha recently made delightful cameos in one of Mr. Macaroni’s humorous skits.

In this comical skit, Okocha, renowned for his distinctive accent, playfully teased Mummy Wa, Mr. Macaroni’s on-screen wife, with Ninalowo stepping in gallantly to defuse the situation.

The two actors engaged in a playful face-off, exchanging comical American accents in a lighthearted competition. However, the scenario took a delightful twist when Mr. Macaroni himself arrived, setting the stage for yet another entertaining scene.

In Mr. Macaroni’s recent video, featuring the talents of Charles Okocha and Bolanle Ninalowo, viewers were treated to a clash of accents and a showcase of comedic brilliance.

This rib-tickling clip depicted Mummy Wa, Mr. Macaroni’s on-screen wife, humorously pursued by Okocha, who harbored a crush on her. Employing a comical American accent, he made entertaining attempts to win her over.

Swiftly stepping into the scene, Ninalowo came to the rescue, but not without engaging in an extended exchange of accents with Okocha. The two actors playfully battled it out with their accents, culminating in Okocha making a hasty exit to avoid a physical confrontation with the robust Ninalowo.

The video concluded with Mr. Macaroni witnessing his lady in the protective arms of Ninalowo, triggering a humorous meltdown as he couldn’t help but feel inadequate in comparison to Ninalowo’s physical stature.

Reactions to Charles Okocha and Bolanle Ninalowo’s madness

Bolanle Ninalowo and Charles Okocha, in one video, sent netizens into reels of laughter.

The video also clearly showed Charles Okocha as a hilarious man with his accent.

Read the comments sighted below:


“Look at me from herroro.”


“From air roro” Charles Dey ment noting una fit tell me.”


“Na why I no Dey wan save people in trouble. Because what is all this insult.”


“Too many werey.”


“Biggest mistake is thinking this should be a skit, how can you’ve Charles and Nino in one set and not put this in cinema or Netflix or Prime . This story never end, Ahbeg Continue.. please.”


“Honestly, at this point mummy wa deserves a brand new seexyy man and @iamnino_b is a good fit Love to see it. Mr Marcaroni vs Mr Makanaki. Let the best man win “


“Mummy wa was about to be phenomenal That nïggga is a beast run with the speed of light bro “


“Adventure of the three mad men.”


“Look at you from head roo roe baby””


“Daddy wa no want make dem chop him work buh u Dey freaky freaky.”